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My fabulous favourite five gluten free bloggers

By Emily Blaylock

April 2020
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In the early stages of my coeliac journey there were not many gluten free bloggers. However now, there is definitely an increase of bloggers. I started to follow gluten free bloggers around a few years before I started my blog, finding them mainly on Facebook.

To help you while going through the journey of re-adjusting habits such as food shopping and eating out, I think it’s so important for us bloggers to work together to help other coeliacs that are struggling with the new diet and lifestyle. I found that it's useful to know there is an online community where you can find out advice on such things from top places to eat out in a city to the best gluten free items in a supermarket.

I’ve gathered all my newly discovered favourite gluten-free bloggers that I follow. My hope is you will discover some new blogs to follow too!

1. Becky Excell (Gluten Free Cuppa Tea)


Becky is probably one of the best known gluten-free bloggers in the business and she was one of the first I started following. Her Instagram, blog and YouTube channel are all essentials for anyone newly diagnosed as Coeliac or following a gluten-free diet. She’s also an amazing person to follow for dairy free and her blog is full of amazing gluten-free recipes.


2. Gluten Free Girl in Exeter


I have recently discovered this blog as I have a brother who is at university in Exeter. Gluten Free Girl is a gluten free blogger in Exeter, who reviews restaurants, shares tips and a blog about her recipes she has put together.


3. My Gluten Free Kitchen


On this blog, Michelle has recipes, product reviews, tips and finds for your gluten free family! Providing easy meals and sweet treats for gluten-free families. Michelle is a recipe developer, gluten-free traveller, food photographer and tip-giver!

coeliac hacks

4. My gluten free life


Hannah is a gluten free blogger and she has recently been diagnosed with coeliac disease. On her blog she shares a wide range of homemade recipes, product and restaurant reviews and much more. I definitely recommend having a look for inspiration.

my gf life

5. Only gluten free recipes


This blog is ideal for a family with members who have food allergies as well as those in need of a helping hand as they change their lifestyle and commit to cooking with fresh foods and gluten-free ingredients. Their collection of healthy gluten free recipes and tips will simply guide you in your journey living gluten free.


That’s it for the moment. I would be happy to do another update later in the year with more recommendations. It would be lovely to hear if you have any favourite gluten-free bloggers you follow and I haven’t mentioned on my lists. I’m open to follow some new bloggers to get inspired by with recipes.

Thank you for reading.
Keep baking GF, Emily x

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