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gluten free coffee and walnut cake

Coffee and walnut cake

My grandparents love this classic flavour combination making it a regular 3 o'clock tea and cake appearance

gluten free tiramisu muffins

Tiramisu muffins

The classic italian dessert squished into a fancy muffin with a coffee syrup and a light mascarpone icing

gluten free coffee creams

Coffee creams

A delicate biscuit sandwich for melt in the mouth sensations

gluten free mocha cake

Mocha cake

The trusted flavour combination of chocolate and coffee never disappoints

gluten free italian tiramisu

Italian tiramisu

Espresso-soaked sponge fingers with a sweetened mascarpone cream and topped with grated dark chocolate

gluten free mocha souffle

Mocha souffle

A quick dessert but often tricky to perfect. Risk it and have a go!