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gluten free black forest cupcakes

Black forest cupcakes

Chocolate sponge with a cherry filling, cream and a cherry on top

gluten free chocolate orange tart

Chocolate orange tart

Deliciously chocolatey richness with orange three ways!

gluten free chocolate fudge cake

Chocolate fudge cake

My recipe decorated for Easter time with mini eggs. Double layered with a delicious rich chocolate fudge icing

gluten free banana, walnut and chocolate loaf

Banana, walnut and chocolate loaf

Keep going back for more with this delicious combination of flavours

gluten free double chocolate cookies

Double chocolate cookies

A super speedy recipe that gets eaten up as quickly as the time it takes for you to make them

gluten free nutella cookies

Nutella cookies

A simple and perfect introduction to baking with these 4 ingredient cookies and my favourite ingredient...nutella

gluten free apricot and white chocolate cookies

Apricot and white chocolate cookies

A delicious crumbling cookie with perfectly matched flavours

gluten free chocolate brownie cake

Chocolate brownie cake

A popular birthday cake in my house for its delicious chocolately richness

gluten free upside down chocolate and pear pudding

Upside down chocolate and pear pudding

A more modern take on the upside down pudding with a stunning chocolate and pear combination for a knockout Sunday pud

gluten free chocolate cake

Chocolate cake

I've grown up with this being our favourite family birthday cake recipe, double layered with a delicious chocolate fudge icing

gluten free butterfly cakes

Butterfly cakes

A choice of vanilla or chocolate for this easy but striking take on a classic cupcake

gluten free campfire muffins

Campfire muffins

Topped with blowtorched marshmallows for that campfire vibe

gluten free chocolate brownies

Chocolate brownies

An indulgent treat that seems to disappear very quickly in my house

gluten free chocolate hazelnut meringue roulade

Chocolate hazelnut meringue roulade

An impressive dessert with a chocolate swrirl, wrapped in meringue and topped with crunchy, toasted hazelnuts

gluten free chocolate chip muffins

Chocolate chip muffins

I love eating these still slightly warm and fresh out of the oven

gluten free chocolate tiffin

Chocolate tiffin

No baking required for this easy, rich chocolate treat

gluten free chocolate surprise pudding

Chocolate surprise pudding

This pudding comes with its own delicious sauce (surpise!)

gluten free rich chocolate tart

Rich chocolate tart

A rich, sweet chocolate filling set upon a simple gluten-free biscuit base

gluten free rich chocolate steamed pudding

Rich chocolate steamed pudding

The comfort food that brings a smile on winter days. Easy to prepare and then just let the steam do its thing

gluten free white chocolate blondies

White chocolate blondies

The white chocolate equivalent of a brownie – light and fluffy with the added crunch of my optional ingredient pecan nuts

gluten free viennese biscuits

Viennese biscuits

Melt in the mouth stuff from a biscuit known for its buttery, crumbly nature. I've piped mine into fingers and dipped them in chocolate for good measure

gluten free flourless chocolate cake

Flourless chocolate cake

A great recipe for your gluten-free friends when you haven't got gluten-free flour in the cupboard

gluten free mocha souffle

Mocha souffle

A quick dessert but often tricky to perfect. Risk it and have a go!

gluten free mississippi mud pie

Mississippi mud pie

The chocolate lovers dessert so be warned!

gluten free mini shortbread swirls

Mini shortbread swirls

An eye-catching biscuit made up of classic baking cupboard ingredients

gluten free date almond and chocolate torte

Date, almond and chocolate torte

A flourless dessert with the stickiness of dates and the crunchy texture of almonds

gluten free red velvet cake

Red velvet cake

A sumptiously light red velvet cake with a cream cheese icing that looks stunning when you cut a slice

gluten free crispy cake heaven

Crispy cake heaven

A recipe suited for getting the kids involved and messy -what could possibly go wrong?

gluten free Easter ring marble cake

Easter ring cake

Hidden beneath the chocolate icing is a beautiiful marbled cake sponge

gluten free Henry the hedgehog cake

Henry the hedgehog cake

A fun chocolate cake for kids birthdays and is almost too cute to eat

gluten free mocha cake

Mocha cake

The trusted flavour combination of chocolate and coffee never disappoints

gluten free chocolate truffles

Chocolate truffles

A rich dark chocolate truffle encased in a crisp white chocolate shell

gluten free chocolate traybake

Chocolate traybake

My chocolate sponge recipe with a simple icing designed for kids parties or easy afternoon teas

gluten free chocolate torte

Chocolate torte

An intense chocolate dessert that I like to pair with a creamy accompaniment

gluten free chocolate raisin bonbons

Chocolate raisin bonbons

A sweet treat that plays on the concept of the chocolate raisin but bigger, tastier and added peanut butter!

gluten free chocolate mousse

Chocolate mousse

Very few ingredients are needed for this recipe, just super chocolatey!

gluten free chocolate log

Chocolate log

Creating a swirl of chocolate sponge that is filled with cream, jam and fruit

gluten free marble cake

Marble cake

Everyone loves the surprise when you cut a slice and see the marble inside

gluten free mini lava cakes

Mini lava cakes

Everyone loves chocolatey gooey lava bursting out onto the plate