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gluten free flourless chocolate cake

Flourless chocolate cake

A great recipe for your gluten-free friends when you haven't got gluten-free flour in the cupboard

gluten free date, almond and chocolate torte

Date, almond and chocolate torte

A flourless dessert with the stickiness of dates and the crunchy texture of almonds

gluten free citrus sponge pudding

Citrus sponge pudding

A flourless sponge using ground almonds and packed full of citrus zest for punchy flavour

gluten free chocolate torte

Chocolate torte

An intense chocolate dessert that I like to pair with a creamy accompaniment

gluten free chocolate truffles

Chocolate truffles

A rich dark chocolate truffle encased in a crisp white chocolate shell

gluten free crispy cake heaven

Crispy cake heaven

A recipe suited for getting the kids involved and messy - what could possibly go wrong?

gluten free marshmallow crunchies

Marshmallow crunchies

Get the kids involved with this recipe and sorry about the mess!

gluten free chocolate raisin bonbons

Chocolate raisin bonbons

A sweet treat that plays on the concept of the chocolate raisin but bigger, tastier and added peanut butter!

gluten free chocolate tiffin

Chocolate tiffin

No baking required for this easy, rich chocolate treat

gluten free lemon posset

Lemon posset

Minimal fuss for this smooth, creamy, tangy lemon dessert

gluten free Crème brûlées

Crème brûlée

A silky smooth, vanilla custard with a crunchy caramelised top. Superb with summer berries

gluten free blueberry cheesecake

Blueberry cheesecake

A creamy, smooth cheesecake with plenty of blueberry sauce

gluten free pavlova


A centrepiece dessert fit for any table with a crisp exterior and sweet, marshmallow-like inside

gluten free chocolate hazelnut meringue roulade

Chocolate hazelnut meringue roulade

An impressive dessert with a chocolate swrirl, wrapped in meringue and topped with crunchy, toasted hazelnuts

gluten free lemon meringue crunch

Lemon meringue crunch

Surprisingly quick but no less impressive with a crunchy biscuit base and light, zingy filling

gluten free baked caramel cheesecake

Baked caramel cheesecake

A dinner party dessert, delicously creamy with a moreish caramel sauce

gluten free mocha souffle

Mocha souffle

A quick dessert but often tricky to perfect. Risk it and have a go!

gluten free rice pudding

Rice pudding

Rice pudding screams comfort food and who wouldn't want a delicious bowl of baked, creamy, yummy goodness?

gluten free baked lemon cheesecake

Baked lemon cheesecake

A smooth lemony dessert with a crunchy biscuit base

gluten free Crème caramel

Crème caramel

A retro dessert from France made of a delicately set custard served with a delicious caramel syrup

gluten free chocolate mousse

Chocolate mousse

Very few ingredients are needed for this recipe, just super chocolatey!

gluten free raspberry mousse

Your favourite fruit mousse

A small list of ingredients for your very own fruit mousse - looks fancy but more importantly tastes of gorgeous summer nights