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gluten free lamb tagine

Lamb tagine

My version of this spicy Moroccan stew which I can reassure you is well worth the time and effort

gluten free Mexican-inspired chicken thigh casserole

Mexican-inspired chicken thigh casserole

A one pan dish inspired by mexican chicken stew with tender meat and a delicious sauce

gluten free seasoned chicken and sausage casserole

Seasoned chicken and sausage casserole

My flavoursome alternative to chicken and vegetables, a whack-it-all-in easy mid-week meal for four

gluten free chicken and mushroom casserole

Chicken and mushroom casserole

A slow cooked casserole that brings out delicious, wholesome flavours

gluten free sweet and sour pork

Sweet and sour pork

Speedy prep time that can be made a couple of hours in advance to reduce the dinner time rush